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Why you Need an Engagement Session


So they popped the question and you said YES! You've got your date saved, your venue picked out, and now you're looking for the perfect photographers to capture all of the special moments of your big day. But what about an engagement session?! Is an engagement session REALLY necessary? Our answer is OMG yes!!! There are so many reasons why you should have an engagement session that we thought we'd share our top 5 in case you need some convincing!



1. Get to know your photographers

Sometimes the engagement session is the first time you're actually meeting your photographers in person! If you didn't have an in-person consultation meeting with your photographers then the engagement session is the perfect time to meet & get to know them a little better before your big day. You might even want to chat about a few details for your special day! Make the most of your engagement session by asking any questions you may have to dive deep into who your photographers are and how they will fit into your wedding day.



2. Your photographers get to know YOU!

Maybe even more important than knowing your photographers is them knowing who you are as a couple, and as individuals. Are you a cheesy romantic couple, a fun-loving, full of laughs couple, or a sultry and intimate couple? Once your photographers learn about you and your relationship they can bring the best out of you on camera by helping you create real moments together that fit you as a couple. The more you let your photographers into your lives, the better they can learn how to pose you in ways that will be true to you.



3. Get comfortable in front of the camera

Like a lot of people, maybe you've never had professional photos done before, so an engagement session is the PERFECT time to see what it's like to be in front of the camera with your photographers. You'll learn their shooting style, how they pose you, and what kind of prompts they use. Think of it like a practice run before the main event that is your wedding day; you will be way more relaxed in front of the camera at your wedding once you know what to expect & are comfortable with how your photographers shoot.



4. Spend some time connecting with your fiancé(e)

You might not think of being photographed as quality alone time, but an engagement session can be such a romantic & loving experience! TAB Media focuses on real and genuine moments, so we make sure you are feeling ALL the love during your engagement session so that it shows in your photos. During your engagement session, your photographers should focus on the special connection the two of you share, which means you get to spend your session snuggling up & getting cozy with your boo!



5. Have some beautiful portraits together to share

Maybe you're looking to create some beautiful & personal save-the-dates or invitations, or you'd like to display some photos of the two of you at your reception, but you don't have any photos together that weren't taken by an iPhone! Your engagement photos are the perfect solution, you can use them for anything wedding related; even your wedding website! If you're not into having your faces all over your wedding stationary, then you can still display your gorgeous selves in your home or office (or anywhere else!) with your printed portraits. If prints aren't your thing either, maybe social media is! You can share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media sites and show off how gorgeous you are.



We hope that this has convinced you that an engagement session is an essential part of your wedding photography! TAB Media offers complimentary engagement sessions with our team of 2 photographers included in ALL of our wedding packages because we feel it is such an important part of the wedding experience. For more information on our wedding photography click here!


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