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Wedding Photography: Why 2 is Better than 1


If you've seen our wedding packages or browsed any of our wedding or engagement blog posts you might have realized that at TAB Media we are firm believers that two photographers is better than one. We shoot all of our wedding & engagement photography as a team of two photographers but you might be wondering why that is and what the benefits are of having two photographers instead of just one. We thought we'd share with you some of the reasons why we think 2 is definitely better than 1!


Uniquely Us

In case you don't already know us, we are Ariel & Alyssa and we are both completely in love with photography! Both of us started our photography careers around the same time, specializing in wildly different fields; with Ariel focusing mainly on commercial photography and Alyssa pursuing portraits. Our interests overlapped when it came to wedding photography and we decided that shooting weddings as a team would be the perfect way to dive into the craft together. We quickly learned that our unique points of view each brought something special to our photography; Ariel brings an artistic edge and creative angles, while Alyssa concentrates on capturing and creating real & genuine human moments. Our individual styles come together perfectly so that your wedding is documented from all possible perspectives.


Support System

We are fully and completely in the business of supporting each other, especially when it comes to our wedding photography! Each of us has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to photography, but together our strengths make us far greater than our weaknesses. Unlike some photographers who choose to work in a primary/secondary dynamic, we are a team of equals and we bring out the best in each other by working together instead of one over the other. We learn and grow together constantly, and push each other to produce the best possible final images. Not only are we there to support each other, but we are there to support YOU as our clients with anything you might need for your wedding day! Need help nailing down a photography timeline? We've got you! Can't think of a location for portraits? We know tons of great spots! Just want to chat about which wedding details are of the utmost importance to you? Between the two of us, you will ALWAYS have someone available to talk to to ensure we fully understand what your wedding is all about!


Moving Parts

People say your wedding day goes by so fast you're lucky to even taste your own cake! With two photographers instead of one, you can stress just a little bit less about the timeline of your wedding day. If you're in a time crunch at any point of the day, we can literally be in two places at once to divide and conquer the details that need to be captured. If you and your partner are getting ready in separate locations, if we need to shoot bridal details at the same time as bridal portraits, if one of us needs to shoot family portraits and the other wedding party portraits, we've got you covered. With everything moving so fast, you can feel confident that with two photographers we are documenting every special moment of your day. It definitely does go by in a flash, and we're ready for every challenge that comes our way.


Engagement Team

Not only do we shoot weddings as a team, but our engagement sessions are also done with both of us. If you're wondering what it's like to have two photographers shooting with you at the same time, the engagement session is the perfect time to see us in action. You can see how we move together, how we pose you, and figure out which photographer you should be looking at for traditional posed shots (spoiler alert, it's usually Alyssa!). We love to create real and intimate moments, that's why we come prepared to your engagement session with lots of ideas on how to prompt you to get you both smiling, laughing, or loving! We both have poses we love so you'll hear suggestions from each of us on how to stand, where to sit, and in which direction you should be looking. We strive to find unique backgrounds and surroundings for your photos, so while one of us is shooting, the other might be scoping out the next spot for your following pose!


TAB Media is completely dedicated to documenting your wedding, your way, and we are forever grateful to the couples who bring us into their lives and let us share their special moments with them. We know we aren't the only wedding photography team out there, but we are one that will be there together for you every step of the way, from planning your big day, to the engagement session, all the way to the very last dance! If you'd like to chat about your wedding photography needs, send us a message on our Facebook page, or if you're looking for more information on our wedding photography packages, click here!


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