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Vendor Spotlight: Northwood Rings - Unique, Hand Crafted Wedding & Engagement Rings


On our quest to find the perfect rings for our brides to wear during our styled shoot we came across many jewelers that provided lovely options, but once we found Northwood Rings, a ring design company devoted to ethically made, hand crafted, and extremely unique wood & gold wedding rings, we knew that we had to have them! Not only were they local to our venue on the south shore of Nova Scotia, but their rings were exactly our style and fit perfectly into our unique vision for the shoot. Laurel, founder & designer at Northwood, was more than happy to not only provide us with an incredible set of rings for us to use for our shoot, but she actually made a completely custom band just for us to match perfectly with the set & to fit one of our brides flawlessly!


Northwood Rings is a custom ring design company that focuses on earth friendly practices. Located on the south shore in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, they hand-make every single ring with sustainability in mind. Northwood's rings feature locally sourced wood, recycled precious metals, and lab created or ethically sourced gemstones. They offer a vast array of designs of wood-edge and gemstone style rings for both men and women, all of which can be completely customized with different gemstones, gold colours, and types of wood. You can also work with the designer to create your own completely unique rings to truly fit your own style & preferences.


The set we chose for our shoot is the grey maple & rose gold. The solitaire features a flawless round moissanite and is matched with an impeccable, custom made 3mm grey maple band. The other band is a 6mm grey maple & rose gold with a mother-of-pearl inlay. We felt these rings represented the natural & modern style of our shoot and the colours and designs were an immaculate fit with our vision. They truly were a perfect representation of the beauty and exceptional quality of Northwood's wonderfully unique products.


We were so honoured to feature Northwood's stunning products at our styled shoot and would gladly work with them again in the future. If you're looking for an incredible and unique engagement ring, wedding band, or complete set, you can check out Northwood's website here to browse their designs or contact their designer to create something completely custom. Click here for more information on our wedding photography!


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