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Our Favourite Maternity Poses


Maternity photos are an excellent way to document your pregnancy journey but you may be wondering what poses to do during your session! TAB Media has put together a list of our favourite poses so you know exactly what to do to create some magnificent photos.


1. Hug from behind

One of the simplest poses you can do during your maternity session! You can play around with hand positions holding that beautiful baby bump & snuggle in for some romantic moments.


2. Facing Each Other

With so many options for this pose like snuggling in close or walking hand in hand, facing your partner can make for some cute, intimate, or even fun and lighthearted moments.


3. Belly Shots!

Show off that baby bump! Close ups of your belly can be some of the most magnificent photos, and if you've got wedding rings this is a great way to show them off too!


4. The Wrap-Around

One of our all time favourite maternity poses! Mom faces the camera & dad faces away and wraps his arm around the belly. The results of this pose are pure photo magic!


5. Solo Mama

Pregnancy can bring on many challenges for the expecting mama, including struggles with self-image. A wonderful way to help you feel like the beautiful, powerful, & capable woman that you are is to have some solo photos taken! Let your photographer showcase the beauty of your body and all it has accomplished during your pregnancy so far.


With so many amazing poses you can do for your maternity photos we thought we'd share our favourites to give you an idea of the kinds of poses you might do during a maternity session with TAB Media. Let us know your favourite poses from this list or if you think we missed any! To book a maternity session with TAB Media, click here!


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