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Emily & Neil's Backyard Wedding

Emily & Neil are proof that true love is worth the wait, and that two people meeting by chance can be the beginning of something absolutely beautiful. The couple met when Neil's sister went on maternity leave from the school they both taught at and Emily took her place. Neil caught Emily's eye right away, and she knew that he would be someone she wanted in her life. Even though it took some time, Neil eventually realized Emily was the one for him and not long after that they were engaged, and then in spring of this year they welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world! We were so honoured and excited to be able to document this couple's incredible love story, and were ecstatic to see such a perfect day unfold.

This had to be one of the most exquisite DIY backyard/community centre weddings we have ever seen! The phenomenal florals from Two Birds One Stone Farm were a sight to behold, and the carefully crafted ceremony & reception décor that was all planned & executed by the couple and their family was simply stunning. Emily & Neil's wedding day was so full of joy, family, fun, and PIZZA, and we could not imagine a more perfect way for these two beautiful people to celebrate their love.

Ceremony: Backyard

Reception: Springfield Lake Rec Centre

Florist: Two Birds One Stone

Dress & Veil: Annabell's Fashions

Catering: On the Wedge Gourmet Pizza

DJ: Sound Choice Entertainment

Ceremony Music: Laura Beth

Cake: Lemon & Lavender Bake Shop

Décor, planning, & stationary: DIY by the couple & their family

"We are so lucky." - Emily & Neil Pashkoski

Congratulations to the happy couple, we know you are so lucky to have found such incredible love with each other, and we wish you and your beautiful family a lifetime of happiness together!

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