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Autumn's Gender Reveal

Finding out the biological sex of your incoming bundle of joy is such an exciting experience, and sharing it with your (socially distanced) friends and family brings it to a whole other level! Autumn and Kaleb are expecting the newest addition to their family in just a few months and decided to find out the biological sex of their baby surrounded by loved ones. Scroll to see what colour came out of the balloons!


Older siblings Kingston & Olivia got in on some balloon-popping action but with a surprise twist… There was no pink or blue powder in any of their balloons! The confusion was clear for the kids, as well as their parents, as balloon after balloon revealed nothing to them.


Everything soon became apparent when a mega balloon came forward that was meant for Autumn and Kaleb to pop themselves.


As the balloon popped, a wave of powder blew directly into Autumn and Kaleb’s faces, revealing the colour…




Congratulations to Autumn & Kaleb on your incoming baby girl! To book your event or maternity photography with TAB Media, click here!


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