Couple Session Questionnaire

Please fill out the information below to be considered for one of our free couple photo shoots. You can enter as much or as little detail as you wish for your answers. If you are chosen for one of our model call photo shoots, we will use the information below for your session blog post on our website.

Availability - Choose all dates/start times you are available. If you & your partner are chosen for one of our photo shoots, we will let you know which date/start time your photo shoot will be.

*Please note, session times are chosen based on lighting & sunset times; the hour before sunset is referred to by photographers as "golden hour" and is the ideal time for perfect, even lighting. All dates will have the possibility of having sunset shots, depending on location. 


*Depending on interest for each location, we may ask you to select a different location other than the one you chose but we will let you know if this will be necessary.

What type of photos/poses would you be interested in for this session? (Check any/all that you'd like! If chosen, we will build your pose list based on your choices)
If chosen, will you be willing to answer a few questions about your experience with us after your photo shoot for us to use as a testimonial on our website?

Thanks for filling out our model call questionnaire! If you & your partner are chosen for one of our free model call photo shoots we will let you know via email & send you a contract to sign digitally. Please note, if you do not sign the contract, the photo shoot will be cancelled.